Who is Gazal?



Gazal has been in the eye care industry since she was a child.  Her deep curiosity about the eyes and the intricate details that give us our fifth sense lead her down a path towards eyewear design.  She personally sketches each design for the optimal fit and look.  

Eyewear That Defines You

Eyewear is an art form that exhibits our sense of self outwardly for the world to see.  The eyes are the gateway to the soul and gives insight to the world on how we want to be defined. 

In other words, Life is just too short to wear ugly glasses.

Designed in Atlanta, Hand Crafted in Japan


Decades of crafting experience

A minimum of one year is needed to craft each pair of glasses.  The joy of wearing Gazal Eyewear makes it well worth the wait. 

Only the best materials are selected for each frame. 

Each design is made in Japan from unique materials such as Italian acetate, Japanese Titanium, and German hinges. 

  Gazal personally tests out each pair of glasses before it's released.  The durability, comfort, and shapes are worn and pushed to their limits for months to ensure that you are able to enjoy the maximum benefits.