High Tech Lenses for Indoors & Outdoors

Blue Light Lenses

Indoor Working Lenses

Instead of standard demo lenses in her frames, Gazal chose to go with Blue Light lenses made from real optical lens materials. The Blue light lenses come standard in all frames that have no “Gazal” logo printed on them. This is a great option if you have no prescription or if you are an avid contact lens wearer that spends a great deal of time on an electronic device. All frames are RXable, feel free to contact one of our local distributors about lens options.

Gazal “O” - Polarized Lenses

Outdoor Sun Lenses

Gazal “O” (for Optimized) means more than just a polarized lens. The designs combines polarization, nonglare, and a proprietary lens material with the best possible clarity.

All Sunglass frames can be made with or without your prescription. To have prescription lenses added to your new frames or to try out the latest styles feel free to visit one of our local licensed distributors.