3 Reasons Why Luxury Eyewear Designs are in Fashion!

3 Reasons Why Luxury Eyewear Brands are In Fashion

1) Enhanced Frame Comfort

Luxury is all about comfort, look at other industries such as Airlines.  For example, many airlines such as Delta offer 1st class sections with much more luxury.  They both have seats but one has more leg room, softer chairs, better service, and even complimentary drinks.  Luxury eyewear is no different, you can compare luxury brands to every day brands and see very similar comparisons.  Below there is a quick comparision between two luxury categories, Airlines & Eyewear.  

Luxury Eyewear

Better metals & plastics for a comfy feel

Personalized Stylists & Opticians with more experience

Complimentary Premium Screws, Hinges, Nose pads & Frame Adjustments

Luxury Airlines

Softer Materials used for Seats

Personal Attendant that provides  direct service

Unlimited Premium Drinks

2) Unique Eyewear Styles

Gone are the days when everyone wanted the same pair of glasses that all their friends, family, relatives, and that "random guy" walking down the street is wearing.  Today we define our own style, our own look, and want something that gives you the benefits that you want.  Having the right frame and stylist fit you makes all the difference. 

We have all made the mistake of trying to figure out which "Shape" frame fits the "Shape" of our face.  Obviously, every person is unique and so are the millions of frame styles out there.  Obtaining the perfect fit and look is close to impossible when attempting this solo. A frame stylist can help you find the look, fit, and vision that you are looking for.  

To add to the unique style, many luxury frame designers produce only a limited quantity of each frame style and colors.   Shopping for an eyewear style that is unique, personal, and accomplishes all your goals is what luxury is all about.    

3) Details & Glasses Construction Matter

Craftsmanship, contours, shape, balance, design, and something as small as even the tiniest of screws makes the world of difference.  The details in a frame design can make or break the frame, literally.  The look and quality is obvious when details are not important to a glasses company.  You may not be able to figure out why your glasses just don't look as sharp as your friends unique pair even though the shape and color are very close.  When details do not matter you will notice small things like;

The Comfort is different, the quality does not hold up, and the look just doesn't cut it.  

On the other side when the details are there you will notice that;

The sunglasses comfort is much improved, the quality holds up, and the look just "POPS"!