"What is the Concierge service?"

The concierge service gives you a dedicated person to assist you with your most recent order.  If you would like prescription lenses added to your frames they can expedite this service for you.  If you would like to utilize your insurance, FSA, or HSA the concierge service is here to help.  The concierge service is here to answer any of your questions .

"Why can't I buy lenses online? "

Eyewear is not only a fashionable piece of your life that defines you, but a medical device.  Your eyes are important and having exact measurements, helps to ensure that you can enjoy quality vision and eyewear. Purchasing prescription lenses online at best will only be close to what you need and not exact.  If you have a preferred eye care professional that you would like to use, please contact us so we can expedite your order.   Please also contact us at info@gazaleyewear.com so we can setup a concierge service for you that will assist you with prescription lenses. 

Feel free to contact us anytime if you need a professional Optician. We can help direct you to the best eye care professionals in the business by contacting us here.

"When will my new glasses arrive?"

All items ship right away from Atlanta, Georgia.  The delivery of your new eyewear products should only take a few days depending on your location.  Feel free to contact us anytime if you need further assistance.  Tracking information is emailed to you immediately after your purchase.

"Why is Gazal Eyewear not in chain stores?"

Large chain stores make it difficult to guarantee quality service and products.  Gazal and her husband Saeed travel personally to each eyewear boutique in search of the best in the business.   Gazal and Saeed meet with the Opticians, Eye Doctors, and owners personally.  A ton of time and care is put into working with a boutique that cares about your look and eyes as much as they do.  

"Why does Gazal Eyewear cost more than other eyewear designs?"

Thank you for asking!  Gazal eyewear products are higher in price than others because of one simple word, LOVE. 

In depth time and dedication was put into each design, production, and trials afterwards. 

We LOVE fine details.

We LOVE high quality materials. 

And we LOVE working experts in the business who have created high quality eyewear for decades. 

Twelve months of hand crafting LOVE is used to make each frame. Material selection makes all the difference on how the frames feel and their lifespan. All frames are designed in Atlanta, Georgia, and manufactured in Japan.  Japan has decades of experience hand crafting the finest eyewear in the world and has the utmost attention to details.  

Before any products are released Gazal wears each piece first to test for quality, look, and comfort.   She has a LOVE and APPRECIATION for each design and we know that you will too.